You Just Got Insurance. Now What? Video Transcript

Congratulations! You made the right choice by picking Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana for your health insurance.

But, what happens now? The first step is getting insurance, but the second step is ...

Using the insurance.

Whether it’s for preventive care or something immediate, the reason you have insurance is to protect your health and manage the costs you don’t see coming.

But hang on. Let’s not go to the doctor just yet. There are a few things you need to know, first.

Soon, you’ll receive an ID card in the mail.

But WAIT! Remember — you CAN'T use your insurance until the date your coverage begins.

However, you CAN go to MY HEALTH TOOL KIT L A DOT COM, log in and set up your profile.

While you’re there, use the Doctor and Hospital Finder to see providers in your network and choose the one that is right for you.

Your coverage date has arrived! NOW it's time to see that doctor.

Present your ID card at the office, along with your copayment or deductible.

And because you're covered by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana, rest assured you'll receive the care you need, and save money.

Your doctor will file a claim with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana and send you a bill. You’ll also receive an explanation of benefits. Compare these two documents to see what you might owe. Don’t forget what you already paid at the doctor’s office. You can also see how much you’ve saved.

Rest assured, knowing you have the strength and security of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana.

Because all of US are dedicated to serving YOU and your health — and that's a reason to celebrate.